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When's the best time to go to the Falkland Islands?

The best time to go to the Falkland Islands is from late October to April. The summer months of November to February have the best weather and are prime nesting time for the archipelago's many bird colonies and young seals and sea lions can be seen. October is the main breeding time for the wildlife, and from mid-November through December, pods of killer whales can be seen hunting in the shallow waters near the seal colonies - an exciting spectacle for any wildlife enthusiast. Expect some windy conditions year-round and pack a waterproof jacket regardless of the season you are visiting. Visiting from May to September is generally not recommended due to the wet and windy conditions. 

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While you're there, make sure you catch these highlights

For naturalists there are numerous islands to choose between, from those known for marine mammals to those that host thousands of penguins. History enthusiasts can discover various relics from past conflicts, while for solitude-seekers the options are endless.

Marine marvels

From colonies of sea lions and combative elephant seals on shore to pods of dolphins and whales out at sea, marine mammals rule in the Falklands.  

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Awesome birdwatching

To see huge flocks of birds in the wildest of wild habitats, the Falklands is unbeatable. Among others, there are five species of penguins to cross off your list. 

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Walk on the wild side

Virtually untrodden paths on windswept islands are the order of the day in the Falkland Islands, where you are unlikely to share the incredible views with other people. 

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Here at Falkland Islands Holidays we partner with TravelLocal, a company that combines tailor-made holidays with a fairer, buy local ethos. They make it easy for us to create amazing itineraries and to continue our communication with you via their easy to use website. Not only does this partnership provide you with a simple, on-platform booking experience, but it also means your trip is financially protected. TravelLocal is a member of ABTA, holds an ATOL license and all payments are handled in the UK, so you can book with complete confidence.

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"We are experts in creating tailor-made itineraries harnessing the essential elements of stunning scenery, abundance of wonderful wildlife, infamous Falkland Islands hospitality & charm to ensure the trip of a lifetime." 

Whether you have a desire for adventure or wish to absorb the beautiful natural scenery, unpolluted environment, battle history, culture or abundant wildlife, the Falkland Islands will provide you with a completely unique experience. This wonderful, remote archipelago is ideal for individual travellers, couples and small groups. Our local partner company is the longest established tour operator in the Falkland Islands and their native team has a wealth of knowledge to help guide and advise you. Not only will they create a beautiful personalised holiday itinerary, they will also look after you every step of the way. Let them take out the stress and uncertainty of organising a holiday, and relax in the knowledge that they will be monitoring and looking after all the essential arrangements throughout your trip. Being remote rural islands, things like the weather and unforeseen circumstances may decide to try and hinder your plans... Rest assured that they will work tirelessly to reschedule your itinerary accordingly so that you can continue enjoying your holiday knowing you are in safe hands. 

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